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Taking advantage of real-time location and available historical data brand advertisers have the opportunity to target users based on where they are and where they have been. Businesses that do this well are able to provide relevant content and can realize several goals by using a wide range of possibilities. Targeting users in specific areas, cities, postal codes or specific points of interest (Shopping Mall) dramatically increases the relevancy of the campaign.

The innovative part of Warply's geofencing technology is that it can trigger the delivery of the campaign even when the app is closed (not even running on the background) and deliver the message where and when is more relevant.


Warply-enabled apps have an implemented section called the ‘inbox’ that resides within the app and hosts all the campaigns.

The Campaigns are beeing delivered and cached within the inbox and the user can access them at a later time. The inbox enables users to interact with several advertisers in one session, containing the entire experience within the app.

The inbox also offers plenty of social functionality, allowing users to ‘like’ ads, share offers with friends as well as intuitive opt-out functionality that lets users erase offers or opt-out from all messages or selected categories.

The inbox gives flexibility to the publisher/advertiser by giving them the alternative to either deliver a campaign through push but also to populate the inbox silently without notifying the user.

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Silent Push

The inbox gives the alternative to deliver a campaign silently, without the intrusive Alert that pop-ups on the user’s screen, directly inside an application’s inbox. Users can check for silent push communication by looking for a notification number, near their inbox icon within the app (badge).


Brand campaigns can be tailored to reach specific audience segments that can be set by the advertiser. Behavioral profiling allows for these campaigns to target individuals based on location, behavioral data, and social and demographic data, leading to higher CTRs and conversions.

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In-app Actions

In-app actions are programmable actions that make it easy for users to engage and respond to the campaign whether it involves sending a pre-populated SMS, placing a call, posting to social media, navigation to a section within the app or even performing purchases. Seamless integration of 1-click actions make it easy to capitalize on user impulse resulting ultimately in higher conversions depending on your marketing objectives.

How could this work for you

01. Sweepstake

With HTML5 campaigns you can create fun games and give incentives to your customers to either enter a store or engage with the brand. Simple gaming concepts like lottery games and sweepstakes increase loyalty and helps you avoid costly price reductions on every sold item.

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  • Loyalty
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