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Meet "Warply Audiences" & "Warply Mobility"! Warply Blog

Meet "Warply Audiences" & "Warply Mobility"!

Warply launches two new strategic business units, “

Warply goes polling! Warply Blog

Warply goes polling!

Warply is happy to introduce one more feature in its extensive, rich collection of features, enrichi

The art of mobile brief Warply Blog

The art of mobile brief

Some people have the notion that modern advertisement is rapidly evolving into a fully technical and data driven prof

Time for Notifica(C)tions: Warply’s New Feature Warply Blog

Time for Notifica(C)tions: Warply’s New Feature

Welcome the new era of actionable and interactive notifications!

Warply Team 2014

Four months in a fast-growing startup: my experience at Warply

Everybody lately talks about startups.

The Mobile Learnings every Marketer Should Know for Back-to-School season Warply Blog

The Mobile Learnings every Marketer Should Know for Back-to-School season

Back-to-school shopping makes up of a whole alot of a family's budget every autumn.

The Do's & Don'ts of In-App Messages

The Do's and Don'ts of In-App Messages

As discussed in one of our pre

The Do's and Don'ts of Push Notifications Warpliy

The Do's and Don'ts of Push Notifications

As mobile usage skyrockets, app developers and brands continuously struggle in a highly competitive ecosystem to earn

3 Ways to Engage Mobile Users this Summer

3 Ways to Engage Mobile Users this Summer

Loyal users and loyal consumers are hard to acquire and even harder to retain. 

Tablets to overtake PCs in 2015 Warply

Tablets to overtake PCs in 2015!

We have been mentioning more than a handful of times that mobile devices are projected to outnumber PCs in terms of v

Mobile Marketing Conference Eurobank Warply mmcgr

Warply presented at Mobile Marketing Conference!

Our mission is to continuously educate and inform the Greek market on mobile loyalty and mobile marketing practices.

Warply Eurobank Mobile Marketing Conference 2014

Warply presents at Mobile Marketing Conference!

We are really glad to announce our participation in Mobile Marketing Conference on Thursday, 3th July 2014.

SAPPHIRE NOW 2014 Warply

We were at SAPPHIRE NOW 2014!

During the first week of June 2014, one of the biggest conferences in the world on Business Technology took place in

Mobile Marketing in Summer Warply

Mobile Marketing: Summer edition

Summer is on full mode, we are already experiencing the effect of hot days and warm nights.

Warply Team Vasilios Kostopoulos

Warply welcomes on board Vasilios Kostopoulos

Warply is excited to announce its newest addition to the team, Vasilios Kostopoulos, who will be joining us as Head o

Warply 1st in Greece to graduate the SAP Startup Focus Program

We graduated SAP Startup Focus Program!

We have some exciting news to share with you!

Mobile Couponing Greece First Data Warply

Warply and First Data to launch 1st Mobile Application Based e-Coupon Service in Greece

Warply is really proud to announce its co-operation with First Data Hellas, a Firs

3rd Mobile Marketing event Warply

3rd Mobile Marketing Event by Warply

On Thursday, April 24th, we challenged you "to be where your customer are", and join the

SAP Forum Athens John Doxaras Warply

Presenting at SAP Forum Athens

Last Tuesday, the annual SAP Forum Athens took place in a full auditorium, hosted at Hilton Athens h

The Way We Never Think of Apps Warply

The Way We Never Think of Apps

It’s really common to think of modern life living and all the habits we have come to adopt. Putting an alarm clock in

3rd Mobile Marketing event Warply

Coming soon: 3rd Mobile Marketing event by Warply

After 2 successful Mobile Marketing events, it's high time we made more impact and shared amazing insights with the G

Expert Paradox Warply

The Expert Paradox

Offering added value to your stakeholders is a business rule, and the key to ultimately survive in a competitive envi

Bill Siwicki Mobile Tuesdays  Warply m-Commerce

Mobile Tuesdays: Bill Siwicki talks m-Commerce

He is the managing editor, mobile commerce, at Internet R

Establishing a Solid Mobile Strategy Warply

Establishing a Solid Mobile Strategy

Mobile is no longer an option but a necessity for marketers, brands, companies and developers.

Infographic Warply Exploring Greek Mobile Landscape

Infographic: exploring the Greek Mobile landscape

The mobile industry has recognized the shift towards a mobile-first reality.

Guest Lecture MBA AUEB Warply

Guest Lecture at part-time MBA in Athens University of Economics and Business

This month, we were honored to accept the invitation of professor Mr.

Lizzy Klein Interview Warply Mobile Tuesdays

Mobile Tuesdays: Lizzy Klein talks Mobile Strategy, real CLV and engagement

She has worked in the interactive field for 20 years and was recognized as one of Mobile Marketer’s “2014 Mob

Startup Weekend Athens logo

Judging at Athens Startup Weekend March 2014

Athens Startup Weekend took place this month, attracting students, professionals and entrepreneurs from technical, de

Dimitris Dimitriadis interview Warply

Mobile Tuesdays: Dimitris Dimitriadis talks mobile and the Internet of Things

The man behind innovative bike-sharing systems all over Greece, responsible for the Business Development at Brainbox Technology, and mind behind talked exclusively at Warply giving his insights on all mobile.

Is Mobile Messaging ecosystem changing?

The word was out on earlier this week that Facebook acquired Whatsapp, the mobile messaging startup, for the phenomen

Paul Papadimitriou interview Warply

Mobile Tuesdays: Paul Papadimitriou

He defines himself as a digital futurist and a management consultant. He has appeared in the most acclaimed digital events of the world, including our local TEDxAthens.

SAP FKOM 2014 John Doxaras Warply

Warply presented at SAP FKOM EMEA 2014

New projects, ever increasing the quality of and quantity of our partners and providing Warply’s technology to create

2nd Mobile marketing event by Warply

2nd Mobile Marketing event by Warply

February 2014 is predicted to be the month when smartphones will outnumber PCs worldwide, as data shows.

CLV CPA monetization Warply

Warply insights: making money on mobile

It is always a pleasure to share information, knowledge and insights among people that are part of your industry, esp

Sotiris Alexopoulos Warply Team

Warply welcomes aboard Sotiris Alexopoulos

Warply is excited to announce its newest addition to the team, Sotir

Warply to participate at the Ogilvy Labs day in London

The Ogilvy Labs works inside the Larger Ogilvy Group to inspire, educate and drive the agency forwards with new techn

First place for Warply at the SAP Startup Focus Program pitching competition

Warply, among 20 selected startups, won the award for the best pitch at the SAP Startup Focus Forum

Succeeding with marketing & advertising in the mobile era

By the end of 2013 mobile phones will have overtaken PCs as the most common web access device worldwide.

Warply Participated in the App trade centre exhibition in Valencia

Warply participated at the TRADE CENTRE APP the foremost business exhibition for Apps in Spain .