Case Study Eurobank "epistrofi" - mobile marketing for credit card loyalty scheme in Greece

Eurobank "epistrofi" - mobile marketing for credit card loyalty scheme in Greece

EFG Eurobank is one of the biggest regional banks in Central Eastern Europe with a presence that spans 10 countries, 1600 branches and more than 20,000 employees.

EFG Eurobank is one of the most dynamic credit card issuers in the region, and a well-known marketing innovator.

Most Credit Cards issued by EFG Eurobank are connected to the EPISTROFI (return) program, which credits a percentage of every transaction in a virtual wallet for use as a discount in future transactions.

The EPISTROFI program facilitates 4.000 affiliated merchants, from major hotel chains and restaurants to supermarkets and retail stores. Eurobank 's clients can accumulate points by purchasing goods and services using their credit card and can also redeem those points at the affiliated merchants.

Warply was presented to Eurobank EFG as an industry-leading technology that could provide the bank with a new, 100% owned medium with which the bank could direct communications to its clients.


The high-end goal was to create a new communication channel for EFG's Loyalty program that would achieve 5 secondary goals:
  • Targeting "premium" market segments (25-45, High Income) that have smartphones and are high-spenders.
  • Revive and revamp all the card offerings that were, until now, included in the monthly bill, only to find their way into most clients' waste paper basket.
  • Win over more retailers by offering them cross-selling opportunities with the bank's mobile app.
  • Increase awareness of the EPISTROFI program, while enhancing the image of the bank as an innovator and leader in the world of high-tech solutions.

The App

The APP was designed to offer all cardholders basic information & utility functions, including:

  • The 40 most recent transactions run on the user's bank card.
  • Total loyalty points accumulated
  • Details on the nearest retailers offering EPISTROFI % redemption options to customers.
  • The latest offers published by the bank.

The difficulty of the short timeline was compounded by the sizable security measures involved, as well. As a financial institution, the bank had to guarantee that Warply's solution could stand up to a high-level security penetration test. Warply's solution made the grade, demonstrating the bank-grade level of its security protocols.

The Campaigns

The resulting Epistrofi app carries the Warply SDK (Software Development Kit) and is enabled to receive WARP campaigns from the bank. Past campaigns are archived in the Offers inbox for as long as they remain active. In this way, users can revisit offers anytime and potentially make purchase decisions at a later date more convenient for them.

Given the effectiveness of this direct funnel to customers, Eurobank decided to have the Offers Inbox pre-populated with offers from Day 1 of the app launch. All offers were co-branded between the retailer and the bank. In accordance with Apple and Google policy, everyone who downloaded the app on their iPhone or Android Phone was asked to provide their OPT-IN to receive PUSH notifications (and thus WARP campaigns).

The GERMANOS campaign, the first ever WARP enabled mobile marketing campaign

Germanos is a multinational chain of retail outlets, specializing in high-end electronic devices, as well as telecommunication and internet services.

App holders were offered the unique opportunity to choose an Android device from a selection of 3 devices, with a price range of 500€ to 700€, and get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in return for free.

The goal of the campaign was to promote the collaboration between Eurobank EFG and Germanos stores and to create foot traffic for the stores.

The campaign was WARPed to some hundred installed apps. The campaign was also visible in the inbox of thousands of people who installed the app over the next several days in response to the offer. With some thousands of page views that resulted from the campaign within the first few days, 200 sets were sold .

Given the high price (500 euros) of claiming the offer, this result was extremely impressive and clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of the WARP campaign.

One of the most impressive results of the campaign was the high percentage of follow-through action: 95% of the user that received the WARP accessed the offer. Warply had once again demonstarted the efficacy and startingly power of a WARP solution

Other Campaigns

The Bank aims at providing a new communication channel to all afilliated merchants enabling them to directly send marketing campaigns to its users with offerings regarding their products. Using advanced personalization technics and geolocation features the bank can target the users with relevant offers in their context.

Following the Germanos campaign the bank continues to deliver campaigns to the users in two distinct ways either by using web enabled push notifications or by populating "silently" the inbox with new offers.


Within the first month after the launch Eurobank has sent campaigns promoting offerings from major hotel chains, restaurants, retail stores and supermarkets.