Technology and Features

A brief Introduction to our unique Offering

Audience Targeting

Using behavior data, you can segment your clients into meaningful segments. Warply collects behavioral information about app interaction, location, context and campaign effectiveness.

In Detail

We keep track of how the user interacts within the APP, what sections he visited, when he last accessed the app, what he has purchased or for how long his sessions lasted.

Combining all this mined data with data already in our customer database imported from social profiles (i.e. Facebook), we can then serve relevant content to each user

Furthermore, by automatically rephrasing campaign messages and actions we minimize clutter and increase relevancy. Customers will receive campaign messages that are actually relevant to their lives, making your campaign a priority in their minds and singling you out from the pack giving significant value to your campaigns.

In-app Actions

In-app-actions provide app creators with an extensible interface of common app actions.

In Detail

A push notification may enable users to navigate with just one click to a native pre-populated payment order checkout screen, to a pre populated send SMS dialogue box or even navigate to a specific section within the app.

With their ease of use, these 1-click actions inspire customer responses, increase conversions, customer interaction and engagement, all the while creating a new revenue stream for your brand.

Geofencing and Location

Taking advantage of real-time location and available historical data provide brand advertisers with the opportunity to target users based on where they are and where they have been. Businesses that do this well are able to provide relevant content and can realize several goals by using a wide range of possibilities.

In Detail

The Warply location targeting mechanism can trigger campaign delivery based on specific customer location rules. Campaigns can be delivered within a specific area or by setting a specified point of interest with a given radius around it and having the campaign delivered as soon as the user walks in this area.

Targeting users in specific areas, cities, postal codes or specific points of interest (for example a shopping mall) can dramatically increase the relevancy of the campaign. The innovative part of our geofencing technology is that it can access the user even of the app is closed (not even running on the background) and deliver the message where and when it is more relevant.


Undoubtedly one of the most exciting parts of using our technology is that everything is measurable giving you the opportunity to fine tune your messages and have a clear understanding of your ROI. Advanced analytics and funnel diagrams on the number of messages delivered, opened and converted analyzed by customer segment and location are available so you can dive in and extract valuable insights.

Simple, Rich and Powerfull

With ready to go templates of several popular marketing campaigns and a compiler that allows you to design and send campaigns within minutes you have the power to create rich and interactive campaigns without the need of a developer.

If you want to dive deeper, besides the ready to go campaign templates you can design practically any kind of concept (like a mini game for example) by using HTML5 and just have it delivered in your customers hands .